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2880 FC Zürich Winners A simple one. The best choice for a ringtone Wiedergabeliste
3355 FC Zürich Sie Denket Mir ... Wiedergabeliste
3487 FC Zürich Zurich Chant Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Wiedergabeliste
3491 FC Zürich Und Mängisch Spilets We haven't got the lyrics in English for this one. If you know 'em just comment and we'll sort it Wiedergabeliste
3492 FC Zürich Oh FC Zurich We never seperate! Ringtone anyone? Wiedergabeliste
3582 FC Zürich Züri Isch Ois Could you help us with lyrics in English, please? Wiedergabeliste
3859 FC Zürich FCZ Anything Other FC Zurich, nothing other is the best! Wiedergabeliste
3984 FC Zürich When Our Team Plays Ringtone anyone? Wiedergabeliste
3989 FC Zürich Oh FCZ Day and night only one thougt Wiedergabeliste
4141 FC Zürich Oh FCZ Allez Back and fourth but not entirely sure what is being sung from one end to another - can you comment and help, thanks! Wiedergabeliste
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4188 FC Zürich Come on Zurich, Come On! Great chant Wiedergabeliste
4262 FC Zürich FCZ The Fancurve is shouting with the West and the East tribune Wiedergabeliste
4369 FC Zürich Lololo Verse We'll never leave you alone Wiedergabeliste
4646 FC Zürich FC Zurich Show What You Can If you give everything and if you want everything, then you can win the league Wiedergabeliste
4654 FC Zürich I Always Fight Again Can you help with the lyrics to this one? Wiedergabeliste
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