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1155 FC Basel Allez Allez Allez Classic Fanchant of FC Basel Wiedergabeliste
1479 FC Basel Those Who Don't Jump Sung whilst jumping up and down Wiedergabeliste
1931 Young Boys Come on Young Boys This one makes a nice ringtone Wiedergabeliste
2039 Young Boys Young Boys,Young Boys A classic when it comes to Football Songs! Wiedergabeliste
2059 FC Basel Allez Allez FCB Allez you Basel Supporters! Wiedergabeliste
2138 Young Boys Allez Ole The oldies are the best Wiedergabeliste
2520 Young Boys Young Boys Chant Sorry, submitted without lyrics, please elt us know if you can help! Wiedergabeliste
2716 St. Gallen St Gallen St Gallen So good they named it twice... Wiedergabeliste
2784 FC Basel You Know Exactly You know it! Wiedergabeliste
2967 St. Gallen We'll Always Stand Together Go ,go, go... Wiedergabeliste
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2997 FC Basel Ever More Only the FC Basel Wiedergabeliste
3321 FC Basel Allez FCB Another classic in Swiss German Wiedergabeliste
3411 Grasshoppers Forza Grasshoppers Brilliant! Wiedergabeliste
3650 Grasshoppers Auuh! GC Zuri! Everyone shouts Auuh! and claps while always getting faster, then go on to sing ole GC Züri Wiedergabeliste
3669 Grasshoppers Born in the City of the Lake Another great one from the Hoppers Wiedergabeliste
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